Helix Jet Flash Set

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  • 3 in one set (bubbler, pipe, one hitter)
  • Revolutionary smoking technology
  • Pieces included: bubbler head adapter, diffused downstream, helix mouth piece, spoon pipe bowl, taster/one hitter bowl piece, oversized cone shaped bowl piece, k clip
  • Clear with blue or red logo
  • 14.4mm joint

The motion of the smoke is created by micro-holes at the shoulders of the funnel-shaped body, also called a \'Venturi Chamber.\' These holes, all angled in the same direction, produce the air intake for the system. The result is an aeration process that has three benefits:

1. It slows the burning, conserving tobacco
2. The infusion of air creates a smoother draw
3. It creates a fascinating swirling motion similar to a tornado