Lookah Seahorse PRO Electric Dab Straw Kit - 650mA

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The Lookah Seahorse PRO is an amazing multi-use electric dab straw that can handle wax concentrates and 510 threaded cartridges and can even be run through glass water pipes and dab rigs! 

Featuring a 650mAh battery capacity, the Seahorse PRO has a clear glass mouthpiece so users can view the vapor as they dab. This updated model features a unique dip coil with a Quartz tip; the design allows for the tip to be dipped directly into the container. Universal 510 threading means that most cartridges can be attached and used, and the kit includes a silicone 14mm/18mm adapter hose so that both dabs and carts can be run through a water pipe or dab rig. 

The Seahorse PRO battery also features a 15 second pre-heat mode and has variable voltage ranging from 3.2V-4.1V. Multiple color options available.


  • 650 mAh battery
  • Electric dab straw kit
  • Multiple ways to use it!
  • Fits all 510 threaded carts
  • Silicone connector hose for use with water pipes & dab rigs
  • Quartz dab coil
  • Variable voltage
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Food-grade quartz dab straw tip attachment
  • 15 second pre-heat mode
  • Easy to disassemble and clean