Pulsar RIP Lava Flow Silicone Oil Rig - 8" / 14mm

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Pulsar RIP Lava Flow Silicone Oil Rig. Stands 8" and features platinum-cured, medical grade silicone in assorted colors. With the two-part design the user can stash the provided 4mm thick quartz banger inside while not in use. The base of the pipe is detachable for easy cleaning and has on board storage for an included concentrate container so your dabs are always together with your trusty rig. Inside the Lava Flow is a thoughtfully incorporated detachable inline perc that provides the best vapor percolation that can come from a silicone pipe.


• 8" / 14mm male silicone oil rig

• Indestructible platinum-cured silicone
• 14mm female quartz banger (included)
• On board concentrate container (included)
• Removable inline perc
• 2-part design for easy cleaning