The Rook Ultimate Party Multi-Tool & Pipe

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The Rook is a durable and discreet portable metal pipe with keychain attached, perfect for smoking on the go. Named for its similar appearance to the rook chess piece, this multi-use pipe features a screw off cap which can be twisted off to reveal and herb bowl. The whole piece can be used as a pipe, or you can unscrew the mouthpiece end and remove to reveal a short pointed stem which can be used in a waterfall pipe or for puncturing a beer for shotgunning. This fabulous multi-tool even features a bottle opener built-in to the base, making it the all around ideal party pipe.


  • 3 inch portable pipe with screw cap
  • Keychain bottle opener
  • Universal GB cap
  • Shotgun tool
  • Durable, discreet design
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof